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About us

Hello! We are Maria and Jorge, we are happy to greet you and share with you this dream called Cuspide.


For more than 5 years, before our paths crossed 🧡, each one in his individual path was looking to land in a territory ideals of well-being applied to the individual, nature &community.


That is why when we met, that dream took on more strength every day and all the doors opened to make it possible in Choachi. A magical territory full of water, biodiversity and the ancestral mystique of the Muisca peoples who inhabited it.


Cuspide opens its doors to offer near Bogotá an intimate and cozy lodging in the middle of nature. We also devote ourselves to cook an exquisite and restorative food with fresh and local ingredients. We like to think of every detail to make your visit a memorable experience! 


In the same way we want to share with you this adventure of sustainable living and connection. That is why we have chosen constructive ways that reflect sustainable materials, and  community tourism practices, as well as the possibility of finding in nature a deep connection with yourselves.

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